Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, Whisperer Extraodinaire
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Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, Whisperer Extraordinaire

There is a woman who travels the world with a suitcase that holds neurofeedback computers. The computers are packed carefully amongst her undersized wardrobe of comfortable clothes. She is bringing herself and her things for the intentional play and family dynamics teaching that she will offer in some lucky family’s home, a family challenged by cognitive disabilities, lucky because they found Lynette. This woman – Lynette - has been called a brainiac, a whisperer, a leader who follows the needs of people everywhere, and more.

Lynette Louise is also known as THE BRAIN BROAD!

As a mental health therapist who makes house calls, she works in a very different way than most. Families hire her to join them in their home and, while giving every family member neurofeedback, (not just the diagnosed adult or child) she finds out exactly what their goals are and why. She then shows them exactly how to get what they want. Within three days there is a visible positive shift, new understandings and actionable tools for change, every single time. It’s amazing!

Because one family at a time just seemed too limiting, Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD came up with a beautiful and brilliant answer: A reality series that invites cameras (and hence, an audience composed of many different families all at one time) into homes around the globe. Creating a web reality series allows Lynette to offer her therapy free to families willing to be on camera, and her teachings free to the global audience in a concrete see-how-it’s-done kind of way. Of course, every family she visits is drastically different in style, culture and beliefs. Lynette sees that as one of the reasons she can understand the autism and not be distracted by the cultural and diagnosis myths. The big question was “How to show other people the degree to which this population was being misrepresented by the professionals and cultures around them?” She solved that problem by deciding to choose five different families in five different countries multiply challenged by with five different brain disorders in addition to their autism. Each video taped family gets five free days with Lynette Louise and neurofeedback equipment as well as a lifetime of follow up.

And that’s how FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD was born! The first two families have already been filmed and helped (and continue to be helped) beyond anything they felt they had the right to imagine. Episodes one and two (a single mom and her autistic seizure disordered daughter in Kampala, Uganda) are available for viewing on The Autism Channel. Audiences of parents, professionals and individuals with mental health issues are waiting anxiously for more, while Lynette works tirelessly to come up with the funding to edit the next few episodes.

Folks rallied and helped to partially finance the filming and editing of the now available shows via a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo, Lynette paid for the rest. She is out of money and so Lynette has decided to create and share another summer campaign celebration!

She is celebrating because last year the show didn’t exist at all and had no place to be seen. This year FIX IT IN FIVE has a home, the show is happening and already creating change and comfort for many. She is campaigning because she needs help to keep going and sharing and teaching and changing the way things are!

Please take a moment to contribute and become part of the growing FIX IT IN FIVE family!

Share with your friends and on your social networks! The camera man/editor for the show is ready to get back to work on episode three, and the program coordinators at The Autism Channel are excited and begging for more episodes.

This link will take you to the IndieGoGo campaign where you can see videos, learn more about the show and contribute. Head over there now! 19

To learn more about Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD (I promise, you’ll be fascinated!) check out her personal and performance website: To learn more about neurofeedback, autism, mental health etc. visit the Brain and Body website:

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The page for her book MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism: 40

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There is always something inspiring and surprising being shared by Lynette!

Written by Tsara Shelton

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